Workshop Schedule Outline

Wednesday, June 7 | Evening get-together with dinner @ The Johns Hopkins Club, 6PM-9PM

Thursday, June 8 | All-day meeting with full schedule of participant talks and group discussion.   

Thursday, June 8 | Meeting dinner (optional)    


Wednesday, June 7, 2017 6PM-9PM Evening Meet & Greet: The Johns Hopkins Club’s Eisenhower Room  

Thursday, June 8, 2017 The Johns Hopkins Club’s Eisenhower Room 

8AM Breakfast   

8:45AM Welcome & Instructions

9AM-10:20AM Break-out Session #1 

Break & Neurodata Demo: 30 Minutes 

10:50AM-12:15PM Break-out Session #2   

12:15PM-1:45PM Working Lunch with Morning Session Presentations Starting at 1:15PM   

1:45PM-3:10PM Break-out Session #3 

Break & Neurodata Demo: 30 Minutes 

3:40-5:00PM Break-out Session #4 

5:00PM-6:30PM  Wine and Refreshments w/ Afternoon Session Presentations Starting at 6PM 

6:30PM-6:45PM Wrap-up                        

6:45PM-9:00PM Dinner and Next Steps

Meeting End


dear attendees-

by way of background, the last meeting that we held at jhu was a massive success on many levels.  in particular, it laid the seeds for several new initiatives, including new companies, new collaborations, and funding for new projects.  

the goal of this workshop is to build on that momentum, and in particular, to make a plan for the next steps towards accelerating brain science discovery in the cloud.

our plan for doing so is as follows:

wednesday night (for those who are able to join) we will be treated to dine at the jhu faculty club.

between dinner and desserts, all the participants are invited to speak for 1 minute about the one thing you are most excited about that is directly related to accelerating brain science discovery in the cloud.  

for example, it could be about data you are generating that will be stored in the cloud, tools for managing or exploring data, or analyses that many people could use.

the point of that one minute exercise is to get everybody in the room quickly up to speed on the various ongoing efforts.

on thursday, after breakfast, we will break up into small working groups (ideally, 4 groups of ~10 people each).

the goal of the working groups is to collectively decide what the next steps will be. of note, those next steps should be actions that each of us will take in the coming months.

in october, we are organizing at hackathon at the marine biological laboratory (mbl), representatives from each of your labs will be invited to demo their successes between now and then, and then collectively build on them again!

the outcome of the meeting will therefore be a report in which we catalog the set of successes that have resulted from these efforts (with links), including development and application of various resources.

we are all very excited about this, and look forward to seeing you next week!


jovo, on behalf of bobby, eric and greg


All meeting events will be held at JHU's Hopkins Club on campus. The JHU campus is located across the street from the hotel and the The Hopkins Club is about a .4 mile walk once on campus.